About us

SuLLeali is a social Communication Agency born in 2008 in Italy. It has been founded by experts in communication with more than 10 years of experience on the field. SuLLeali proposes methods and technologies to develop strategies for integrated & digital communication, and to drive social change projects and campaigns. The Agency considers the phisic space irrelevant if compared with the environment that can be created thanks to the network: the web of course, and synergies between people. We live a place where people matter.
SuLLeali means “on the wings”: we are and we can be everywhere!

What we do


We create strategies. Innovation is our DNA. We can recognise the wind of change and focus on it. Thanks to our passion and our values, mixed with our experience, we drive and accelerate social change processes. We work both with public and private sector.  


We search methods and technologies to develop strategies, organize work and optimize resources – for us and for our clients. We develop projects concerned social planning, internal communication and training. Everyday we taste new solutions and tools. We care about the growth of our clients and support it throughout consulting and empowerment processes. And we grow up with them.


We believe that brand awareness is important to affirm your identity and to ensure that you are always engaging with your target. That’s why we create and build eye-catching brands, based on your values and credibility. We identify territories where your brand can flourish – building a recognition and relevance beyond the aesthetics.
We’ll give your brand and its campaigns a cohesive and consistent look and feel, as well as a voice; the same consistent voice, at every touchpoint.


“I know that I know nothing” is a long time and well-known saying called the Socratic paradox. We are in long-life training and we promote it among our clients. Through training sessions for individuals and groups, we aid your staff to use effective communication in order to create a positive social change. Our offer concerns external communication, assertive and Nonviolent Communication, team building and team leadership…and other more.


We believe that profit is a common value if we collaborate with the good partners and we have the right vision of things.


We care about personal and faithfull relations with journalists. We develop media strategies, we elaborate and deliver messages and press releases, we create media reports. We offer an integrated service, focused on traditional and digital media channels.


Our strenghness is the network. We have a solid network of influencers, opinion leaders, activists and Companies that can help us to create strategic partnerships to develop your audience and to promote the progress of your Company.


We use an integrated approach to organize events that have all the requirements to be a success in terms of visibility and audience. We realise events «all inclusive» caring about logistics, visual and imagine, institutional and media relations, strategic communication and research of testimonial & ambassadors.


We explore the new borders of communication and believe in the power of networking. We surf in the internet to catch the last news and trands to oper your Company into new markets and challenges.


Advertising is the main stream to make your message reach a large audience. We collaborate with the private sector to obtain free adv spaces or favorable conditions to promote campaigns and social initiatives. We develop multi-channel and multi-platform campaigns to guarantee the maximum impact and visibility.


We don’t ask you to have a Facebook page or a Twitter profile. We ask you to understand the reason why, the values and behaviours of your target.SuLLeali develop creative campaigns, aligned communication and social advertising and do it using a web and mobile approach: we realize tactical microsites, full website solutions or a complete digital strategy using emerging technologies and channels.
We ensure your social etiquette, and your message, are bang on brand across every platform.


We realize videos from storyboard to final film, initial sketches to finished images, user-generated content to motion graphics, animation and photography. We bring your story to life using the storytelling in order to enagage and motivate your target.

CONTACT US: info@sulleali.it